Do the elderly have a paradoxical reaction to Alprazolam use?

Alprazolam is also sold as a brand-name drug known as Xanax, among others, Alprazolam is a short-acting drug termed as ‘tranquilizer’, it belongs to the triazolobenzodiazepine family of drugs, these are actually benzodiazepines fused along with a triazole ring. It is generally prescribed for the short-term control and management of panic attacks and anxiety disorders specifically: sudden/unexpected attacks of intense fear and distress about these attacks. It is very helpful for people who fall under such categories and helps them to perform better in life. It works by lessening abnormal sensitivity in the brain. The alprazolam use maintains stable mental health. You can buy Xanax 2mg online for treating your fright disorders.

Effects of Alprazolam Use

Apart from treating anxiety and panic attacks the alprazolam use also includes treatment of depression, Agoraphobia: fear of open spaces, and premenstrual syndrome. The short-term medication, Xanax for elderly people is usually recommended because the agents of this medication offer flexibility for greater dosage, do not get accumulated in the blood, and are cleared rapidly from the circulation. However, elderly patients have high chances to attract unwanted effects such as dizziness, severe drowsiness, clumsiness, confusion, or unsteadiness. If patients suffer from liver, lung or kidney problems, they must be more cautious while using this medication. For people suffering from such diseases, doctors tend to adjust alprazolam doses. Xanax can also have other uses, talk to your doctor for detailed information.

How to use

Alprazolam tablets come in different forms such as extended-release tablets, concentrated solutions in liquid form that you can take by mouth, and as a disintegrating oral tablet that dissolves quickly when kept in the mouth.
Usually, the extended-release tablets are recommended to be used daily once in the morning; the disintegrating oral tablets and concentrated solution of alprazolam are recommended 2 to 4 times a day. Each form requires a different way of intake.

● Extended-release tablets:

Extended-release tablets should be consumed as a whole without being crushed grind or broken.

● Concentrated liquid:

The concentrated form should only be used with the dropper that comes along with your prescription, you are required to squeeze the dropper’s liquid dosage into water or any other liquid, semisolid meals such as pudding, soda, etc., stir well the contents before consuming.

● Disintegrated tablets:

These tablets should be only opened when it’s time for your dose, keep your hands dry while opening the strip or bottle of the tablet and immediately put it into your tongue.

Your doctor will start your dosage with a low concentration of alprazolam and gradually increase the dosage quantity throughout the course. This medication should only be consumed once every three to four days.


Though alprazolam dosage causes a paradoxical reaction in older patients and takes more time for habitual-elimination in older patients than the younger ones; it helps patients to overcome performance fear socially and efficiently control panic attacks—order Xanax cod online on your doctor’s advice for commencing your treatment through the meds websites.

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